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Moving Forward

Nov 11, 2019

Private Indiana Hunt-Martin was a member of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion - a group of unsung heroes of WWII. The unit’s nickname was the “Six-Triple Eight” and they were the first and only all Black Female Women Army Corps (WAC) unit to be deployed overseas. Their task was to clear a mountainous backlog of mail in England and France that had not reached servicemen in the European Theater of WWII. Their motto was “No Mail, Low Morale.” 

Kate Sanner, host of Moving Forward, interviews Ms. Indiana Hunt-Martin who talks about her enlistment in the WAC, being assigned to the Six Triple Eight, and being deployed overseas. She also talks about the challenges of their task of addressing the mountainous backlog of mail, the challenge of racism and segregation, and her life and work once she returned to the U.S., and the honors and recognition that are now being bestowed on the women of the Six Triple Eight.